Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Surgeon Iphone Walkthrough


I can still feel the charming
pouring rain on Our Bodies and tickling.
The sacred & the profane
all in a night
The Night In Which We Lost Our verginity

of mind & emotions. We
DARED to fall into Each Other
flesh with blind eyes, and handled
the strength of the world with
our passionate heart,
finally unlocked from a plastic box.
All that matters
was in her hands that night
and she completely ignored that,
managing the universal soul with a laugh of pleasure.
The combed english nature caressed her warm skin
with all the possible softness and gentleness
a million of shooting stars cried, moved to tears for her beauty
Music shivered electric along my hands
as i lined her profile in the moonlight.
The sweet smell of her hair on the fresh lawn

was the promise of my redemption,
the softness of her skin brought tears to my eyes,

in one night
the destiny of what remained of my soul changed No Longer
as I belonged to the army of terrestrial creatures.

impossible like a unicorn like sun in the night:
Nothing Compares to a crumb of her love


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