Monday, February 15, 2010

Should You Wax Before Or After Tanning

All things have a second interpretation.

All things have a second interpretation.
If the heart beats strong does not mean that you necessarily innamorato.Magari're having a heart attack.
People always have a double key lettura.Nessuno is just as appare.La truth, I think is that none of us really knows and is saying that then expect to get to know someone, it remains just an illusion.
Sometimes I do not understand, and I do not understand why I do not know, do not abbastanza.Credo this common evil is because we do not develop our own people, but we are always influenced, constantly, since we have 0 months.
E 'this is normal since there are living on a desert island.
How would I ask?
primarily by developing a vocabulary all its own, thus creating a sense of belonging to cose.Dando as a tree, we'll do ours, we can dispose of his identity and I think the same is true for us, when a name is chosen then for identificarci.E when you choose our vocation, our school, our religione.Non'm talking about necessarily the world as the "matrix", that is all negative, as if everyone was a prisoner of his own life, one's parents.
This may be a clue.
But one might just think that if it were born alone, we would not be the people who actually are.
If I were born on a desert island, I would have completely ignored the meaning of friendship, beauty avrebeb had another meaning for me, because I believed that the sun was just beautiful, its profuse light among the trees, or birds colorati.PerĂ² I never looked into the eyes of another deep persona.Ma I would not know the meaning of war, violence and cruelty.

I would have been another person.
Now it is late for another persona.Anche though sometimes I wish, I wish someone more. be me, but having the strength to cambiare.Credo that diets and clothes have been created on purpose to give us the dream illusion that others have the chance to be better.
But without heels, I stay high 1.77, if I put that shirt look like a plus, if you lose weight, not better. Sometimes one has to
disenchanted perĂ².Almeno to see how lucky he is, or the courage to take four hands and realize what the world is.
But today, if I look the mirror, I do not know who I am and I do not know where I'm going.


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