Sunday, February 14, 2010

How Long To Stop Shaving Before

The things I do not like

I could make an endless list of things that I could piacciono.Tutti course, but the quid is that we do not beat anything nessuno.Però short, this is a blog about me, then I think important to talk about things that I did not fall proprio.Una of things that I did not go down is when I'm not going to do anything, I do not like that feeling of apathy, which has a molesto.E always comes suddenly, the worse is when it arrives when they are most ready to go to dinner somewhere fun with my friends when I'm about to leave when I have something cool to do in centro.E arriva.Arriva Just as I put on my boots, Vivienne Westwood, or when despite being rare, I truccata.E then I force myself to think of something else for me to sprint to get out but more often than not I'm not going to do funziona.Allora nothing, I start yawning, I put a little in front of the computer or sound to the guitar melodies inventing obscene, because I know only three chords.
Another thing I hate is when I sleep in the afternoon too and I have to lie down for a few minutes, and it is not necessary because otherwise niente.Cioè servant is not the sleep itself that bothers me, is what happens when. Sure enough, I try to wake up, because I know it's late and in fact I'm awake, but I can not open your eyes! tremenda.Una One thing really feeling very bad, because in truth you're sleeping so you do not even anyone to ask for help, you can not talk.
These two things I hate, I do really turn the fucking palle.Ho 20 years, is not that I no longer have cravings for 20 years! Così.Cioè But it is just the inertia comes over me, I say "no, fuck No! hours I'm going to go out and have fun! "but just can not fight it.
It 's a thing that breaks the inertia of the balls, yes.
And now that I talked about it, she remembered me. The answer is crap
si.Questa post ends here because I'm not going continuarlo.E because fortunately I have no obligation to do so, because it close qui.Solo farlo.QUello she suggests that I will do after you get nervous because someone has read my blog .. if this was not planned.
hate things out programma.Almenochè are not nice surprises, I do not like the unexpected and head shots.
There are a lot of things that I like, but now I do not want to talk about, so therefore I will not think that I'm free, free to think and do what voglio.proprio free and independent, even though I know too ' I who in truth is the inertia that is looming.
that sucks.
I think are the most frequent words in my vocabulary, along with cock, of course.


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