Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brazzers Billing Appears As

Definition of Love

And if the birding was not to look more in many different birds, but only one? Get a bird-not a species-a single bird and follow him forever, look at him forever.

I like this phrase, I do not know where to jump off but I piace.E 'true.
There are people who do not believe in love and others do not believe in me is often Dio.Molto come across people who do not believe in any of the two "things", if we can chiamarle.Effettivamente irraggionevole think it would be illogical and at one without the other. Groped refuting God to explain the existence of love is like trying to prove the Pythagorean theorem using a circle instead of a triangolo.Non can exist without each other.
Addiction is the true sign of love. When you just can not do without a person and everything seems meaningless without questa.Tu you feel that an incomplete substitute for bones, muscles and organs.
persistenza.Ho Love is also only 20 years yet every time, every man, I was betrayed, deceived and lasciata.Non that in 20 years may have had all these experiences, certo.Ma each of the kids that I was ready to give myself in the most honest, obedient and servile nearly as possible in the end he betrayed.
So today I make as many friends of mine who had my same results but without considering that much of their feelings, now lovingly jump from the arms of another boy or you are locked in an invisible treasure chest of shyness, fear of view, the mistake or hostility.
I have all the cards on the table to come right in the club of supporters of "love does not exist." But I can not do: I know there's a lot of shit in giro.Violenza, malice, phobias, madness. And so it is easy to believe that love there is one thing that makes it easy, no problems, everything tangible, controllable, aggiustabile.Ma not. Love is difficult. just because you do not control, and certainly not maneuver, you can not aggiustare.Quando a link is broken, when confidence is lost, when the dependence vanishes, where there are doubts, when they finish the jerks, they pass the lust, love us abbandonato.Eppure, it knows to come back with some surprising plot twist, create scenarios that our minds can not imagine a park, a gym, a shop frutta.Esso lurks in every corner of the our towns and tents of the traps us and yet we do not have the courage to accept the challenge and we shook him off like polvere.Andiamo forward as if by themselves, our existence would continue to have its meaning, as if it were true that no one who loves us and whom we love with equal fervor, we are complete.

Love is what makes us complete and is the only reason to live.


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