Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Destin Hotels 18 Year Olds

obviously because I hate traffic police and I think they should be to be fined.

morning I wake up at 8.Rincoglionita, tired and think "what a drag." However, I get up, Gilmour me some simpering, rather than for contettezza to see me, to urge them to give me a move because he uscire.Solo want that in a cock and the other (facing the bathroom disgusting that you've cleaned the night before and the Philippines only 2 days before but last night was reduced as the process of Trainspotting by your roommate who has had a shower after the game / ripuliscilo with napalm / wash yourself with sulfuric acid / wash yourself with soap normal / eat crap those of Kellogg's Special K / mettiit overalls homeless / abbinaci shoes and hairstyle from homeless / reply to your mother calls you while try to remember what you forgot and enter the elevator, now on the second floor, remember that you forgot the dog / Up / risk / urtarti prepared to have to stop the nerves in every 5 cm peche Gilmour water to the wheel of a motorcycle or a tile floor / come to the park),
said, between a dick and the other to come out 8.30.Prima was not a problem out at 8.30, went to Villa Massimo and found another 30 dogs loose, relaxed, playing and no one gave noie.Dopo many ups and downs but that happens in that park there any more to go, because the threat of fighters (which fines you if you do not have a leash Gilmour) looms like a sword of Damocle.Però as if God would send rain, then Villa Torlonia Gilmour starts otherwise you can not go to the fool in the puddles and then you have to dry for 8 hours.
After this issue of monumental importance, decide to deal with the terrible public order controllers, which in truth had come only 2 times.
fact, there is nessuno.Gilmour makes the poo and you collect your bag with the Pharmacy and think that maybe is not a golden retriever, but a horse.
However, the catch, the more you collect, not as the assholes of the evening that he did not give a shit (which is due to the fault of the arrival of the brigade who were called by the owner of the bar inside the house because they control you would gather the poo). Then you approach one of the owners of a dog, Enzo, and tell him! careful, vigilant, "he scares you the screaming" joke, joke! "happy.

Then comes on a cloud ' then sunny villa maximum population of at least 9 dogs without a leash and their padroni.Tre men, like the Nazgul Lord of the Rings, fast pace and one of them indicates Gilmour.
behind you all took advantage of the attention has fallen on Gilmour, lying motionless with the pine cone in his mouth to hang up the dogs on a leash and cut and run.
"that shit" think. "Meanwhile, one of the Nazgul and says" Who is this dog? "
and you think that you could never do what Peter did to Jesus and deny thy kindred, and now bitter safe Dicks they were about to rain "is mine!"
man not in uniform, chase a notepad and looks at you sternly.
"fuck!" think inside you, and he asks you the name and ' indirizzo.e you answer a pateticissimo "the Please do not make me fine! are just a student! "
And he seems almost moved to compassion by the winning move of Gilmour that languid eyes began to cry while you say" bravo fucking bravo Gilmour, cry! so the shit is moved. "But he has not put down the notepad, now you seem like the Death Note notebook, and he is going to write on your name and mark your fine.Perchè you shall tell your father that you got the fine even though he "had told you" and he will rush to Rome with his rifle Baracus A-Team.
to you is not even in mind that in fact would have had to hunt the block of minutes and not a slip of paper printed on one side and white on the other, probably the result of some difference in the office. But with his face pressed
compassionate, Gilmour continues to whine and just how good he is you decide not to unload on him the guilt of any fine.
Give your name, the real one this time (you say you were lucky once to give a false name and to have the vigilance improsuttato getting a ticket made out to a person who lives in Via della Conciliazione, without the watchful jerk in question thought, "but if it lives in the path of reconciliation, what the fuck is there at 8 o'clock in the morning at Piazza Bologna?") and tell them your address, change only the street number (capirai!!).
And then the magic words "Miss this one time steps, but if I pinched them back fine" and you feel triumphant and happy.

Exit the park and watch with Gilmour ammirazione.Che incredible dog, he also helped to make the song .. bravo, bravo! Then walk past the bar to the table where they sat two of the fugitive (those taking advantage of the fact that fighters were talking with you are gone) and obviously want to know more about what you have detto.Ma you do not fucking say it to him, no! will not provide information useful to those who desert, and then minimize and go home.


I fuck the shit Vigli urban.

First of all think of a child who says his mother "You know mommy, grow up I want to do the traffic cop," but where the hell has ever heard? From anywhere! fact no child has ever wanted to be a policeman urbano.Tutti children want to do or astronauts or pilots or calciatori.E 'sa.Quindi one thing that I think the cops are people who have failed to achieve their dreams of childhood and have deliberately chosen to download the frustrations arising from this fallimenteo the rest of the citizens of the world, doing the shit. Why
law enforcement people are enjoying themselves in all respect, especially if, as the police, have to deal with issues of road safety.
Però.e I now turn to the vigilant,

car double parked for a minute at 3:45 at night will not cause any fatal accident, then viglile, because you have to draw € 200 to a poor man?

a golden retriever has never slain any human being, tantomento in a desolate park at 8am.

Given that 90% of the fighters think of this shit or butter the croissant in the bar instead of doing their job, I beg to give them advice. To begin
fined the bastards that driving under the influence of alcohol or going to 300 then on pedestrian crossings and the owners of dogs that do not collect in the middle of the road, to go across the sidewalk you have to do training for long jump, fined or people like the owner of the cottage of Pines of the Villa Massimo, God only knows how many tricks he did for the roof bars also outside, doing, to this end, to raze more than 20 trees, leaving the bar, and then the entrance to the park is open until 4 am, whose clientele is made up of 15 years bori arriving with those unable to drive the cars, clogging traffic and shout till midnight, seven days a week. How is it that
vigilant of these things do not care? Not always bother to fine the owner of the little house of pine trees that can remove the illegally park in front of the sign that says to take the dogs on a leash and not to play with bikes or balls and replace it with one that prohibits the entry of dogs to the park even on a leash and muzzled (taken from a beach on the other)? How
that the mothers of the children of shit shit and scattering confetti for the park and sidewalks, making them slippery among other things, it does not say anything?
Why are the children?
TANDA CAZZ that are children!
depended on me I would put a muzzle on them!

I hate you, traffic police.


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