Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Instructions on how to deal with me when I turn the balls

Yesterday, as some time now, I have not studied what I should have. And although law makes me shit, it pisses me off because this is my job now, and I do not feel at fault bene.PerĂ² my fault, so in theory I should be angry only with me.Invece no, I'm pissed off with each you, you, you also inanimate objects like the coffee machine or the phone that I find horrible.
I already have one that has the nerve easy, that it bothers me even when Antonio is preparing those of its healthy and balanced lunches, equipment and describes the tablecloth with each of diminutivi.Questo kind of things I can ruin your day, let alone when I'm already nervous for my cock!
So, because although I'm hysterical and neurotic psicomane, a real pain in the ass, pain in the ass so much that sometimes I break my balls I break the balls of the same, I want to give advice to those people, most of them really horsehair, which continue to want next, they call me and invite me to participate in moving moments of their social life.

not blaspheme. I hate those who curse you all, and I remember I once slapped in the face of a fool of shit that has cursed in my presence.

Remember that I have always been and always will be very abusive, so think what you say and do, not a threat, I say this because I care.

Do not make jokes of any kind on Gilmour.

not shoot shit in mabito musicale.Soprattutto not named Jim Morrison, the Doors, Pink Floyd, the Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam and Placebo.Nemmeno to say that you do not have a starting piacciono.Se great sympathy for you (very probabile.dato that the people who are funny are very few), this will make me turn into a ferocious beast that does not have for their actions.

not attempt in any way to attack a conversation with me, especially if you want to make the cynics or those replies pronte.Io witty and I have a witty answer ready and yours and I swear to leave the speech in tears be you.

Do not ask me because I'm vegetarian, and especially do not ask me "but the plants are suffering, why are you eating?". I could, and surely they would do it, start to see you in the form of cabbage and remove the head to bite.

do not try to pull a culture sull'esoterismo cazzate.Io shooting I shoot other types of strokes.

not make jokes about my boobs.

Do not speak, even to tell me something carina.Soprattutto toccatemi.E not this is true even when they are incazzata.Odio be touched.

not ask the University.

di Non

Do not take a crazy psycho with delusions omicide.Okay, if you want to take me like a fool with delusions psicopatoca suicide.Chi loves me will understand.


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