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Slogan code in the radio, text messages and on public exchanges confirm the alarm - The word d 'order of these hours will be changed to "camouflage" - "Let's go downtown in the heart of the enemy" - Throughout France tam tam a dark threat from our correspondent LEONARDO COEN

"NIKE ta mère." Fuck you. Needless to insist, ask, then, is it true that you go to Paris tomorrow to demonstrate against Sarkozy? Answer: "Nike ta mère." Forget it. The boys of North African origin moves faster, pull up the clip of the vest, dark disappears. Marseille is relatively quiet tonight. The sirens of "Batar keuf," the police bastards (the language of the banlieue is almost phonetic) feel little. The racailles miserable suburbs of Marseille were at home. They say instead of something they did in Juan les Pins and Nice. Also in Toulouse, burned cars in the neighborhood of Mirail. In Bordeaux they burned seven police cars. In Lille the same old story. The bulletins are reluctant, in terms of numbers. Radio and TV news that some want to avoid inciting the riots. Radio Soleil, the most popular station (there is also in Paris) direct the French and North African immigrants of Arab origin, in Arabic broadcasts on 89.7, a lot, and little French. Tonight music, more than usual. Advertisement. Therefore, it is difficult to understand if it is true that it is preparing the invasion of the barbarians in Paris, as the authorities fear instead gave the alarm. Men dell'OCLCTIC intercepted messages "unequivocal." The acronym stands for the central office to combat crime related to information and communication technology and depends on the prosecutor in Paris. It 's the secret. Everybody knows that the revolt and fought on the Internet that the insurgents are exchanging messages with mobile phones: the suburbs of metropolitan Indians launch so their signals of war, does not care if I find anything, in fact, that makes them even more audacious rebellion. The police ranger
intercept them and decipher the tam tam. SMS as a call to battle, violence, the challenge. The social hatred, some of them writes it, a sign that this guerrilla war against exclusion and oblivion is not born by chance. SMS, then. For example, among the most popular and most disturbing: "On va bruler Paname". Cried the pirates of the Caribbean, only in 2005 that Panama is the Paris of Sarkozy, Chirac's viceroy. "All the feu leur foutre," and here the interpretation is just one: we're going to rub the fire, that the weapons, the flic, police officers. We use the terminology 'texto', indicating the broad agenda of the campaign to fight: "On va dans le Centre de Paris que tout le monde prend peur.", The goal is clear, we go straight into the heart of the enemy, in the city of the rich, show that emerge from the ghettos, we bring the suburbs into the center: the Champs Elysées, Bastille, République, 'the Arc du Triomphe, the Halles. All addresses correspond to the metro stop. More difficult to intercept voicemail messages for answering machines: the police are concerned that those "real" and that "casseurs" use public telephone booths or regular phones. Between security analysts doubt there is a French that all this flourish of messages that incite to attack the police and make you fall on the capital from the "periphery of the periphery" which means the rest of France, it was just a huge joke, a way to excite the unit price and to keep it under pressure. A provocation to scare the public. What the 73 percent approved the curfew in the city at risk. A single strategy behind all this? Or a spontaneous phenomenon of CYBERNAUT that is powered through the web contact and word of mouth? The site was started as bouna93skyblog blog in memory of Bouna Traore and Zyed Benna, the two young men died after being electrocuted in an electric refugees. In twelve days he accumulated the beauty of 3.2 million web pages, but had also become a virtual place to cultivate anger and violence. E 'was armored. Same fate for many other suspicious addresses, especially those which refer to DJ, rappers. The cercledurap was disabled because it did not guarantee the conditions of use prescribed by the master skyblog. In Marseilles, the capital of rai music and rap extreme, the rebels in the suburbs prefer to be called lascar: el Askar Arabic-Persian military means, because they see themselves as soldiers of the suburbs that are expected to be courageous and determined. Knowing they can not compete with the police, the cunning use of the poor and marginalized, play like a mouse with the cat. In self-deprecating sense, the Arabs of these huge phalansteries (the outskirts of Marseille known to be horrible and tragic) is defined as "rat" (in French, in fact, mouse). Only that the meaning is substantially different: rat as people who are rampant that the company wants to invade. The jargon is essential. It 's like a password existential. Not by chance, to try to understand what happens we must first understand the language of the suburbs. In the last few hours the word that is spilling from the river of rebellion is "mimicry." Tighten the ranks, fold and blend into neighborhoods. Wait. And then strike again. Again. So, what's to lose? And it is curious to see more outbreaks of rebellion irreducible are not around Paris, but in cities such as Lille - traditional bastion of radical Islam. O Toulouse, Saint-Etienne, Lyon, Mulhouse, Strasbourg, Nice. Industrial city, such as Nice, capital of the Riviera, the city where social contrasts are enormous, unbearable. And where the rebellion is daily. But for years.
(November 12, 2005)


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