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January 22, 2006

The starting point is France, where the explosion of the suburbs is part of a long tradition of social unrest. Architects, sociologists, economists, geographers, artists debating the issue in order to study the urban fabric and its evolution, to understand the phenomenon and come to conclusions often contradictory.
For some it is not true that all devices are bad, that wherever you live and you feel bad the marginalized, the excluded.
For others, however, always be regarded as places of conflict and contrasts, difficult, and uninhabitable. In the quarrel between the different points of view emerges that the suburbs are no longer willing to edge of town, but it can also be found everywhere within the city. The geographical distance is no longer only because those who live ends up internalizing that invisible line that separates them from other districts.
Refer to redesign the big names, break down to rebuild from scratch, embellish them, soaking, turn them into cultural parks ... to live better.
Milan until 29 January, the Royal Palace hosts a tour of landscapes, buildings, faces, an exhibition organized by Federico Motta Editore.
one century to another. From this Sironi. From the outskirts desolate and abandoned yesterday, of today. A sort of visual counterpoint made by the incursions into the landscape Urban Photographer Francesco Iodice.
A comparison between two artists, including the place of constant Permeke and those of Mario Sironi, to highlight similarities and differences, similarities and distances. Those that are seen are not places of alienation of the urban proletariat, but a symbol of modernity. Where the factories are seen as the new cathedrals of the industrial age.
If some suburbs of today are nothing but deserts constructed residential blocks, condominiums dormitories, other facilities equipped and pleasant spaces for leisure and a good quality of life because of the free traffic and quick and easy accessibility.
The exhibition at Palazzo Reale was also At a meeting to address the topic, starting from different points of view and experiences.
The beautiful suburbs that we encountered in the north of Europe speak of environmentally friendly materials and energy saving, green spaces, infrastructure and services, intelligent design solutions that result in pleasant buildings and human dimensions, where you live and you do not is stored, where hardship and discontent can only be seen as an excuse to make trouble. Whatever.
In Lyon, France in a working class neighborhood has been transformed into open-air museum.
To celebrate an illustrious citizen, the architect Tony Garnier, but also to restore dignity to those living there.
social problems seem to disappear behind repainted facades, painted walls, palaces, decorated, embellished, rivivacizzati with a coat of color.
The architects do not have to assign political responsibility, otherwise they are given power over a society that does not really have ever had.

black page
periphery to the center

The focus of the municipal government, politics, and of course ... 'economy. If there
a center is inevitable that there will be a suburb. The center is prestige, is the image, you can.
The periphery is the denial of these things, but also architectural destruction, degradation and absence, at times, everything.
Coloriamole, piantumiamole, organizziamole ... will be more beautiful: they are the promises of new mayors, Urbanism and Culture.
Abbattiamole, ricostruiamole, firmiamole ... will be more beautiful: they promise real estate agents, companies, banks and politicians at election time.
Two roads that do not remove the problem already exploded in Paris.
already some signs, however, is the fashion. Important
showroom leaving the center for larger spaces, less expensive and easier to achieve.
followed by young entrepreneurs, artists, graphic designers, photographers and more libraries, galleries, ethnic restaurants and bars to illuminate the darkness of night.
So ...
many realities, many found interest in the suburbs as in the center.
E 'Giorgio Armani was the first to give a strong signal here in Milan.
In the former industrial area of \u200b\u200bPorta Genova, brought the center ... I have followed many.

Fabrizio Pasquero


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