Tuesday, July 11, 2006

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Profiles and practical space
Maria Pia Pozzato and Cristina Demaria (web publication March 21, 2006)

The workshop "Urban Ethnography: profiles and practical space" has taken on projects and work together in very different realities: a semiotic reading of New Babylon, the city imagined in the sixties by architects and artists of the Situationist movement, images and mosaics of the cities that dominate the screens of the installation of the Algerian Cosmopolis Maurice Benayoun, until the city re-imagined from the perception of their areas of decay. What emerged was a composite path that linked examples of artistic design and urban planning to observations as 'participants' on how some cities are used, as in the case of Florence, a city of art whose public spaces become more and more private spaces that tourists are having to 'buy' with their souvenirs. We would like to try to trace the most interesting information revealed in the studio dividing them into three broad areas: virtual and ideal cities, the actual practices of use and design, and finally, perceptions of the city and its security, its areas of exclusion and inclusion.

1. ideal cities / towns virtual
2. the city in the practices of use and design
3. degradation and control
4. sociologists and anthropologists in front of the city
5. to semiotic ethnography of the city: the city's image of Kevin Lynch
6. urban anthropology and semiotics: Ulf Hannerz


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