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interview the chairman of the Judiciary Committee room

Bongiorno: do not we go
Mai i am under the government

"Berlusconi? not correspond to his idea of \u200b\u200ba woman. Surprise that we were so few with Fini "

ROME - Giulia Bongiorno, Berlusconi has summoned in person, as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. She has always been silent so far.
"Actually, it happens in months. Every time I go to Palazzo Grazioli to talk about justice, the day after I read the newspapers that Berlusconi would have said: "Levatemela away". Phrases like arrows from the forest. Now I read that depending on the condition that Mr Berlusconi had asked to Fini, after the "enough with the counterpoint," was in fact the "Stop with the critical judgments of Bongiorno. The lawyer couple was out of breath: "Do you have requested not to give critical judgments?".

And what did she say?
"I do not know whether to be more surprised or saddened. Contradicting Andreotti, who also considers me like a daughter. Just a technical objection Berlusconi to be told "levatemela feet". "

Because you do not like Berlusconi? It does not correspond to his idea of \u200b\u200ba woman? Or his idea of \u200b\u200bjustice reform?
"I certainly do not correspond to his idea of \u200b\u200ba woman. Concerning justice, I share the same goals of Berlusconi: reducing interceptions, the separation of careers, the new way of electing the CSM. Simply, I have proposed and propose a different route to get there. "

The next node are the intercepts.
'The text left the room seemed a good compromise. We will see the new arrival in the Senate. There were calls that I think Napolitano should be accepted. I agree with the need to avoid the abuse of wiretapping. I was opposed, and I would oppose a ban for the crime of corruption, which is for me a very serious crime of public alarm, because affecting the merits, circumvents the value. "

Berlusconi considers the reform of the justice priorities.
"I agree: let's not squander this opportunity. But any reform must have as its first point greater efficiency. Wait eight years for a criminal sentence is to make mad with pain the victim and punish the man who is not the same. To ensure that resources are needed but not currently exist. Unfortunately, justice is considered a political matter without appeal. I remember the first meetings. I recommended: "Do not talk about justice, that people are bored. You have to say security." As if it was only important to the arrests, not processes. " She did perform

Andreotti, is considered guaranteed. As ever with Mr Berlusconi did not you understand?
"I am assured. And I am a moderate. The rights of defense are sacred to me, but do not coincide with the assurance of "pockets of impunity," as rightly said Fini. We voted the Alfano and will vote its inclusion in the Constitution, because Fini has always recognized that there is a judicial obstinacy against Berlusconi, but we stopped short limitation - which is different from the short trial - because it would have blown up 600 thousand jobs. "

Fini Berlusconi has reminded, that did not appreciate.
"But it's true. We support the separation of their careers and equality between the prosecution and defense, but there are different ways to achieve it. We would oppose any mechanism put the prosecutor under the control of the executive. Why do governments change, and it is said that the next is guaranteed. "

the way, there are the numbers in Parliament to another government?
"excludes absolutely that Fini has in mind a plan like that. "

not pull air of early elections?
"I do not seem to be neither predictable nor desirable. Still, the decision rests with the head of state. "

What happens now? You will leave the PDL and your positions?
"We're not going. Let us, and we do nothing of what we are attribute. No boycott, for instance. Of course we will continue to express our ideas, even if dissonant. "

Fini does not resign from the chairmanship of the House then? And you?
"Fine, I just heard. Obviously does not resign. I will do what he asks me to do. In any case, the problem will be solved by himself, the committee chairman will expire soon. I read that circulate lists of proscription. We'll see what will Berlusconi. For me it does not make much difference, since it will continue to stand as legal adviser to Fini. "

not you have been so many.
"Many of us, myself included, in the direction they are not entitled to vote. But it's true: I was surprised to see that we were so few. Perhaps my surprise is because they are not a long time in politics. Of course mine is a privileged position: I have a job, are among the top contributors of the House, although not among the rich, simply, if you only do once I get a euro invoice. Fini told us that remember a phrase I was very impressed, "Who will stay with me will lose share of power." Evidence, not everyone was ready. "

The "colonels" had long been close to Berlusconi.
"But remember, when there was still the AN, Fini was worshiped in the party."

They say it's not their fault if he is not right.
"This story should be thorough change of Fini. I know him well, I've been close in these five years when his life actually changed much. I am godmother to her daughter Carolina. I assure you that Fini is a man of deep consistency. "

Safe Safe?
"Let the law. An was considered in the first value of the right. But where were these two years the former managers of An, as if it were not for us would jump 600 thousand jobs? What is their right in the heart of the battle for legality? The point is that the battle for legality has done fine, almost alone. "

be born at the center the "party of the nation"?
"Fini there has not ever spoken. I'm sure he will play his second to the last game in the PDL. " Last

latter might be near. He did not feel that Berlusconi wants to send you away?
"In fact it was possible to find points of contact, but it was dropped. If the final document had been shown the commitment of the whole Party to support the government program, we would have voted us. But the document was written in the reverse logic. "

Are you saying that Berlusconi has tried to break?
I'm not saying that. Of course, the lineup of the day was obviously built to isolate Gianfranco.

How do you feel the acceleration of the interview Bossi Padania?
'It is clear that Bossi and Berlusconi are moving in harmony to minimize the questions raised by Fini. But we will not give. I believe that it is still possible to do so. Certainly after the direction nothing will ever be. "

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