Saturday, April 10, 2010

36' Sailboat For Sale

Piero Ruzzante and Germana Urbani Pozzonovo

Monday, April 12 at 21 at the headquarters of the Circle of Pd Pozzonovo, meeting with Piero Ruzzante, regional councilor of the Democratic Party and Germana Urbani, a young candidate strongly supported by the club. It will be an opportunity to analyze the outcome of their vote and to speak with the PD we want, perhaps with less strategists behind the scenes or in closed buildings and closer to the people. A party with more imagination in the way of communicating, a very popular party, more open, able to look only at the periphery without fade away in the real city. A party that can translate in practice what was proposed at birth: renovation, gender representation, the presence territory;
A Pozzonovo some time we realized that if you want you can! Just set aside some old patterns correntizi, get everyone available for a joint project, involving and motivating. In this spirit, have fun as well, because the group is coming together to make beautiful and entusiasmente. The recipe that we want to get the PD is probably much easier than you might imagine ...


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