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Going Public 06 - Atlante Mediterraneo
Now in its fifth edition, the project Going Public is a work in progress ", which is developed by a research group with links both locally and internationally.
Atlante Mediterraneo. Topics and research.
Istanbul, Beirut, Nicosia, Tel Aviv, Alexandria, Barcelona
in 6 cities identified as "case studies" for the project Going Public'06. Atlante Mediterraneo artists, students, researchers, geographers and sociologists activate their research on topics: flows of people, economies and cultures. The identity of the Mediterranean, its diversity, its importance, its investment. Relations between the territories, rivers, towns and people, without interruption. Vertical and horizontal route between the Mediterranean and Europe East and West. From Barcelona to Istanbul, passing through cities such as Beirut, Nicosia, Tel Aviv, Alexandria. A circular motion and return of videos, contacts, migration, contamination, propagations endless. The effects of globalization and a different geopolitical scenario of rapidly changing phenomena of the sense of place and jeopardize the delicate balance of social and environmental issues. The abandonment of the traditions and the new growth of megacities, the growing migration flows and the tourist hotspots, the ancient trade routes and major infrastructure, the hybrid and complex role of cities and major ports on the Mediterranean, with their production cycles and recreational the social and ethnic components, the openings and connections to the surrounding area and the link with the continental scale. The birth of the "Euro-Mediterranean Area", and the activation of the corridor known as the "Meridian Corridor", act as local device for a comprehensive policy that covers all the Mediterranean countries, conceived as a single political / geographical one. It is therefore shares in favor of the encounter between different cultures and different peoples, geographical changes in the nodes exchange flow mobility. The project
Going Public'06. Atlante Mediterraneo develops in the autumn of 2006 a series of tasks, appointments of reflection, and "shows how shipments" in Italy and abroad, such as:
4 / September 10, 2006
Alexandria, Egypt. Fisherman village camp. (Workshop)
Participation with Gudran Association for Art and Development, the development of a rural area near Alexandria, Egypt. The art projects are used to encourage local people to produce works of craft and implement their village. The project with the young volunteers of Modena Going Public for the construction of a park, a public garden for everyone.
20/30 September 2006
Nicosia, Cyprus. Transcrossing memories. (Urban installations)
parallel to international art events, and through practical action on the territory together with the local communities, we intend to present the entire study and research of Going Public. The Memory Box, "mobile device" will serve as the traveling public space on both sides, and open to all. A sort of library that will be collected stories of people and made presentations, artists' projects, readings, films, video projections, debates, performances, ect ....
10/15 October 2006
Tel Aviv, Israel. Floating Symmetry. (Video installation)
Floating Symmetry is presented the project, undertaken by Ofri Cnaani (Israel), and Jenny Vogel (Germany). A multiple video projection that documents the journey made by the artists, to cover the distance sea-land that divides the island of Cyprus from the front city of Tel Aviv, in a process of geopolitical and human symmetry axis Nicosia-Jerusalem.
23/30 October 2006
Formigine and Modena, Italy. GOING PUBLIC '06. Mediterranean Atlas. (Workshops, international meetings, urban)
To facilitate the actual exchange between cultures and among young people, it is proposed a workshop with young artists / students of the area Young + formiginese study of five cities (Istanbul, Beirut, Nicosia, Alexandria , Barcelona) bordering the Mediterranean. Young people will be hosted by the province Modena Formigine and the workshop will be held by a major international artist.
The research results will be displayed in artistic and public venues to complement the publication / atlas / guide on the subject. Complete the program a meeting / lively debate with figures from the worlds of culture on this year.
projects of artists: Akram Zataari (Lebanon), Atlas Group (Beirut / NYC), Oda Projesi Achilles Kentonis (Nicosia), Sameh Elhalawany ( Alexandria, Egypt).
Contributions Critical: Tony Chakar (Lebanon), Vasif Kortun (Istanbul), Yannis Papadakis (Nicosia), Jorgos Tzirtzilakis (Greece), Marti Peran (Barcelona) and others.
urban artists' installations will be visible in the center of Formigine and the Central Station of Modena from October 30 to December 3.
Opening Saturday, October 29:
- 15 hours, public debate with the artists.
- 17:30 pm, opening with an aperitif, followed by party with music.
Via Cola Montano 8-20159 Milan
Tel-fax 02 6071623 -


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