Thursday, February 24, 2011

Perception Femininity


Monday, February 28 at 21 at the council chamber of City Hall Pozzonovo public meeting with
Laura Puppo, PD leader in the regional council;
FEDERICO ossuaries, provincial secretary of the Democratic Party;

regional budget, the proposals of the Democratic Party for a maneuver with a different
series of amendments, which define a kind of alternative movement, focusing on a few priority issues, the group of the Democratic Party in the Veneto Regional Council wants to resurrect the budget yesterday, in the present, the chairman of the junta, Luca Zaia, has defined a ' 'Excellent''corpse. Some of the amendments package''- announced the leader of the Democratic Party, Laura Puppo - have already cashed the sharing of other opposition groups.''

Listing the points subject to amendment, Puppato stated the specific amount requested by the opposition and where to find items of expenditure. One of the first Pd cites the need for the extraordinary plan for the defense and hydraulic hydrogeological land (100 million euro for 2011, available from the residues for the regional road network is not used). An additional 30 million euro are made for the local public transport, 15 for the special fund to support workers and 10 for small businesses, 20 for social services, 50 for long-term care, care for 20 disabled, 16 for structures for children, schools and 1.4 for the right to education, 10 for the support of the rents.

The PD also calls made in this budget transfers announced by the government,''at least in his predictions minimum, as they did other regions,''he noted Puppato. Amounts are substantial, he said the leader of the PD, because it says at least 25 million from European funds for the flood, at least 100 for health, others for local public transport.

The budget presented by the majority, said Lucio Tiozzo,''remains open because there is no certainty about what and how many can still get funding.'' ''Beyond the resources that can still get there - said Piero Ruzzante - we found that some sections of the budget for one year could tighten their belts,''recovering 16 million € for priority activities such as diverting from € 130 000 for external expertise, from 300 000 for traveling expenses of the directors, from one million to public celebrations, by 800 000 initiatives for promotion of the Veneto, from 365 000 to the publishing business. You can not''- said the director - scrape the bottom of the barrel of families in need and provide for these costs.''

advisers of the Democratic Party have also highlighted that on Saturday, in Padua, the Democratic Party has organized a demonstration against the cuts''low-grade''in the budget.


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