Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ladies Pants Pulled Down

Press Laura Puppato


"I heard about the initiative of Florence, organized by the mayor Matthew Renzi and the Lombardy Regional Council Joseph Civati, by some young members of the Veneto to the Democratic Party. Setting up a bus, they invited me to accompany them, because we held that the Leader of the Regional Council had with them. In Florence I have seen the 'Italy working in the Democratic Party, met people I've never seen before, but I always seemed to know. People Generous who spent his own pocket to attend a unique event where we talked and listened. Seven women and men, young and old, members and non members, parliamentarians, regional secretaries, provincial, club and many, many local administrators. Everyone had to have five minutes, not a second longer. We talked about the Italians, how Italy should be. We did it by Democrats, as we know we be: in line for one, with a smile, without a preconceived lineup without first-class school teacher and the red pen. A marathon of proposals, information and communication. At work, school, the university, health, environment, on the merits, and justice. Where have all banned the word "destruction" and urged the Democratic Party but to be consistent with the rules we have set ourselves three years ago, in particular the need to use the primary and compliance with the limit on the number of institutional mandates. All this in an old restored train station (the station is a meeting place), not in a mansion or in a theater where he reads a script and placed in the front rows are reserved for those who always arrives late and is not good for stays feet. We need not fear the enthusiasm of the "young" and experience the "old", but put them together in a mixture of energy and knowledge, but rather we must look at the ambition of the "young-old" and those who would change everything so that nothing changes.

Bersani's meeting in Rome with the only club secretaries, provincial and regional initiative was different, not overlapping but rather complementary to the proposals of Florence. In that Rome was not provided for my presence, being secretary of anything and in fact as figures and Serracchiani Scalfarotto have freely intended to present this first and then that. In our new secretary of the province of Treviso, I wrote a letter last week to congratulate and at the same time, provide them with a spirit of service. And to remind them of the importance next to them such as sensors and antennas to stimulate the work of the undersigned and all regional directors, who see the territory as a resource, an inexhaustible mine of forces that are busy every day and have the courage to put his face taking on responsibilities . In Florence and in Rome were not only Democrats who dream of an Italy more different, but with different roles, they began to build. It is a good way to think Veneto devastated by the flood of these days and be returned to the periphery of the empire because of a reckless political class. "

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