Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blueprints Of Wooden Clock

Happy Ending

Dear David, it's momento.Lo know that at the end did not believe that I would suddenly fatto.Ma No more bearable and I especially, there is nothing new that I most conforto.Ho of 22 years but this does not make me young: I have no hope in life and not live any gioia.Fino now, and I was so hard to admit, I have postponed this decision for the sake of my dog, I can not live only for lui.Ma Gilmour.La for his devotion I basta.C 'is so much anger around me all have such a grudge now I can not resistere.Il My World is based on a endless series of lies and now I can not do anything now, I can not go back and admit the shame of my lies are too big and not help me to start capo.Qualcuno miss me and my family will fight on chest thinking it was just the fault loro.Ma the truth, sweet friend, is that now I feel a need for the infinite, something that is probably insane, but I know mondo.Il not belong to this world as it is not soddisfacente.Qualsiasi thing and every person now I deprime.La happiness of other triggers in me an envy that I can not accept: this can not be persona.Sento that now is the time of my departure is as if someone had traced for me my way, which inevitably led to questo.So you're trembling, trembling with fear and you feel responsible because you are almost the sole repository of this letter and I'm sorry you deserved to davvero.Ma sapere.Sono glad you know the best side of me, that sincere and sensible that I have not had the courage to demonstrate to altri.Forse only you know how much I loved, I loved more than I hated, and this has made my life worth living . I loved God, nature and many people, but in all cases, my love was never reciprocated: it was love at unico.Nessuno sense I have never met and this condition is now inaccettabile.Perchè no one has ever wanted to go beyond appearance? None he noticed as I was? People thought I ugly or not worthy of consideration? so.Ma now I do not have anything more important èerchè I took my decisione.Ti seems to stand still and cold, but in truth I'm crying, but not of sadness . I feel like a tired child who cries because it wants to be brought to dormire.Voglio sleep, close occhi.Non sentire.Vorrei see or not to be lying on the surface of the water a beautiful sea and be accepted by his shadowy abyss but peaceful . I do not know if there is more feel around the Dio.Non me.Ma in the Bible it says that suicides are not accepted by God because they failed to grasp the beauty of the gift of vita.Non I'm going to make excuses, I what I deserve, but is not true that I did not understand what was the beauty of life.The 'I loved her, until the strenuous of my strength, I searched its meaning, I know how to explain creduto.Non ormai.Vedi, I can not even write a decent . I wanted to tell you many things but now I do not remember or maybe did not know more to say. I wonder if
miss me as I feel the feel of te.Come Gilmour and Gianluca and my friends and nonsense, all the fun things we say, my love with an evening of desire to say no , the dream of being free, free from the decisions that others have for me, free to be who I wanted essere.Se my memory will make you suffer David.Dimenticami forget me, I do not think so if you want to do tutti.Ma remember, remember that I loved and respected and then invidiato.Non I know, now the words are just the finite.Non più.Tutto know my life is a mystery strano.La it is not and can not bear not to have wanted a sorprese.Avrei writing on the wall for me, just for me to escape for a few days without averepaura consequences, starring in a big film, to be embraced by some stranger on the street, I would have liked someone mad with love for me, any love, a love of amico.L 'only surprise is that I'm going to get me to sola.E in any case, I think will be better than adesso.Non me say that there are other ways or get help if I told them what I feel, if I could for once, you know, made fun of me, maybe I take that as a capriccio.Certo I would trust a doctor, but some just to say that he tried, however, and within them the money they have blasphemed sganciare.Questa life, this world, as it is, is not meant to me.E is not anyone's fault, it's just that I'm wrong destinazione.Nunc, non est tibendum.
Goodbye David.


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