Monday, June 21, 2010

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from "the morning of Padua June 21, 2010
the two decades shows a Pontida League worried. Despite the numbers, which makes it indispensable for keeping the majority, the Northern League is at a crossroads. Witness the same speech as "fireman" of Bossi, which switches off the enthusiasm of militants who advocate secession, however, also referred to by Secretary Castles in the absence of federalism. The node is, in fact, that supreme goal, in the minds and hearts of the people green, more like a secession of the fact that a different institutional structure of Italy. The leader of the League promises that will come soon but, as noted Realistically, the governor of Lombardy Formigoni, the crisis and the economic measures make it difficult to pursue. Despite the amendments that the League wants to introduce corrective measures to avoid being hit hardest are precisely those local authorities that federalism and decentralization should be the beating heart. Although there are in the government, as well as ministers of the Northern League, also Tremonti and other "forzaleghisti. Finally that Brancher, reduced in its powers by Bossi, in order to allay the anxieties of his own, claiming the role of unique and authentic "minister of federalism." The costs of federalism, that nobody talks about, will become enormous with the proliferation of shopping centers and case cries. Unless you pay, as called the "Po", and the rest of the country. In that case, however, soon there would be no majority. The contradictions explode without mediation in the social and geographical block on the right. The neocolbertista Tremonti knows and does not feed for this amazing hope.
So the league can not play the usual role of the governing party and struggle. By the union of Padania in Rome and the enemy of "thieving Rome", a slogan revived cyclically Pontida when shut themselves in, more and wider trenches of the North. A strategy that is beginning to show its limits. Until this duplicity will power a party that controls two of the three major regions over the Po, governs dozens of provinces and hundreds of municipalities, including cities full of great importance, and has the same boss in the government? Who will wield the sword of Albert of publicly Giussano? The game shows now obvious limitations. Also because the league is missing a map can sparigliare the game turned the tables.
The Northern League has condemned the role of guarantor of governmental stability. This makes it essential to Berlusconi ally but exposes it to the disappointment of an electorate increasingly large and therefore themselves less cohesive. Bossi sees early elections in which the Knight does not rule out that the first cycle of the growing economic discontent and social hubs the way of a political alternative still little expendable, mortal danger. No one ensures that after the return to the voting strength of the Northern League and PDL would be the same. The polls are like a Pandora's box: once uncovered may hold unexpected surprises.
This term is a unique opportunity, repeat the Senatur. While waiting for the "federalism to come", the vacuum must be filled. So the League emphasizes the symbolic conflict: Padania against Italy, "Va pensiero" against Mameli, national green against the blue. Displacements that would divert attention from the issue of interests and objectives on which it is difficult to claim success in the short, to that identity. A Pontida we saw this league, much more uncertain than tell her strength.


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