Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anyone Tried Magna Rx

Clodovaldo Ruffato, a missionary of liberty ... but only of her!

from "the morning of Padua" of March 15, 2010

Auto election in the place of disabled

ABANO. Verbally attacked for pointing out that the Smart Election Committee had been parked in the space reserved for the disabled. This mishap was featured in yesterday around noon, Count Antonio Caodullo. "I had gone all'Alìper Previtali street for some shopping - he says - a gazebo in the square was the candidate of the PDL to the regional elections Clodovaldo Ruffato. Parked next to the small car with stickers. But that took up the post-drive designed for the handicapped. " Very politely points out to Caodullo Ruffato, on the spot, and his' supporters' because: 'I only said: "I do not think that makes a lot of honor to behave in this way". " All hell broke loose. "I was covered with threats and insults - the story continues - and even chased to the entrance of the supermarket these gentlemen who cried out against me. " A reaction very disturbing. At that point, for a moment, the man thought to call the police. Everything, fortunately, was resolved with a few sentences a bit 'heavy shouted from the group in front of him and other terrified customers of the mall. "I have a house in Abano although I live mainly in London - concluded the man - where there is more attention and respect for rules. I very much regret what happened. "


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